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By leveraging on technology and synergy of our individual capacities, and by crafting value and offering it in a timely manner through responsive customer care, we have focused on the following core areas to effect our philosophy of Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC).

1. Experiential marketing and events management
2. Audio-visual content production
3. Integrated digital communiction and brand management

How We Work


Art and craft in communication and content creation

Having a good understanding of what to say is one thing. Saying it through visually compelling stories requires a fine blend between craft and fine art. At Saimal Communications, we believe all visual stories should elicit emotions. They should create the capacity to understand or feel and relay what another person is experiencing from within that other person’s paradigm. This is we have simply called art. Craft on the other hand is the set of skills and tools we use to tell the stories we choose to tell. In order to create planned strategic communication and marketing solutions for any of our clients, each Saimal Communications team chosen for each task must be a hybrid of intellect, creativity, knowledge, and high-tech craftsmanship earned over time. Apart from the many hours spent researching our target audience, we also try to get into the shoes of our clients. We also know that if we do not truly understand our target audience, then all the technology and creative effort in the world will not bring out any successfulcommunications strategy. Should Saimal Communications become your chosen partner, we will immediately begin to understand everything we can about how best to combine art and craft to match your desired objectives.



Following each of the assignments we receive, we review all the materials availed to us, and begin preparing a creative brief. The brief is a succinct one-page document, which ensures all stakeholders agree on how to proceed. Once the client approves the brief, we will develop and execute a comprehensive project strategy that will include the exploration of all the different creative avenues and associated tactics. Client feedback is always part of our work plan. Timely feedback from you as our clients is vital to us for the best outcome. We believe the process of exploring many styles of communicating your message will present opportunities, which may be impossible to predict without your input, but may offer great serendipity. For content development, each creative plan will end in a script and storyboard, which will be presented to the client for approval. We will work with assigned client team to evaluate the whole plan against the customer objectives to make sure the client gets the full complement of creative tools they need.

Methodological Approach


We begin by developing a plan for each project that we take. By defining the problem, we are better able to craft relevant solutions utilizing minimal resources. All our projects take a modular workflow to guarantee consistency in delivering quality, but at the same time giving room for creativity and innovation.



We take time to gather knowledge and understand both our customers and their target audiences. We research on motivating factors, hero brand attributes, and key channels of conversion for each client. Solution design and delivery We use collective knowledge, skills and experiences to curate and create communication and marketing solutions that inspire, connect and engages target audiences and communicates the desires messages.

We tell stories

We create stories that become folklore in the community and on digital media platforms. These are the stories that your audiences and stakeholders will want to share. We ignite conversations that get noticed and shared, while providing the tools necessary to amplify the message to build brand evangelism.

Experiential marketing


People collect experiences as they once collected things. At Saimal we specialize in creating events that activate and communicate emotions to your key audiences where they live, play and buy. We establish third party endorsements and strategic partnerships that provide powerful alliances in communicating the messages and broadening the community reach.

In brief we follow a two-step process:

1. Seek to understand genuine customer needs
2. Offer promised value while conscious of quality, price, time and delivery

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